Diversified Global Products specializes in custom and creative manufacturing solutions that improve operations to help you build the products of tomorrow, today.

Our Leadership Team

Josh and Mike’s friendship started with simply a love for parts.   Their dream of “doing their own thing” became a reality when over a couple of fishing rods, they birthed the Diversified Global family of companies.   

You don’t have to spend much time around Mike and Josh to see that they are two completely different people but have what counts in common.  What they share is the core values their company is built on: transparency, tactical speed, and a love for solving problems. They love to help their customers get it done. 

 With over 40 years of experience working with OEM manufacturers, they found their niche in solving the problems that others seemed to shy away from.  With an emphasis on doing what they say and saying what they do they just find that solution others struggle with and make it happen.

Josh and Mike have found that when people can focus on doing what they know, they are in a better position to succeed. They enjoy helping their customers solve complex problems and, in the process, Josh and Mike become fans of what their customers do. They love getting those wins for their customers.

We are proud to have Josh and Mike leading the charge for the Diversified Global family. Under their leadership, we know they will help each of us do our best work.



We are excited to announce Armando Gomez has joined the Diversified Global Products team as our new Director of Sales and Procurement – Latin America.


You’ll quickly see that Armando has a sharp sense of humor and an ability to connect with people from varying backgrounds. Armando is passionate about finding solutions that make sense for his customers.


He brings over 15 years of experience in Strategic Procurement, Supply Chain and Materials Management and has a proven track record of success. Armando’s extensive international and cross-cultural business experience makes him an excellent partner in helping companies that are looking to near-shore their supply chain.


Armando loves to tackle the difficult and complex problems and work hard for his customers. He’s dedicated to getting things done right and being transparent so you can have confidence in placing your toughest projects in his hands.


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